About Me?

A Dreamer., a realist.. sometimes a perfectionist. I’m passionate about how things are.. the why.. where.. when..&  what?

In this blog – you’ll read ab0ut my journey into home improvement as I work to a never ending projects of improving my humble abode.., my journey into investing., money management., life hacking., and general tips on life.

also a certified CWA mutual (trust) fund agents., if you need to talk to someone about improving your trust fund success rate .. ask me.. –   i’m your man. 🙂

But rest assure.. i’m not the regular insurans lynch.. or multi level people who would call you in the midst of the night.. saying hi .. just to get the sales., i’m just into this really to help my close circle of family and friends.. that’s my motivation

Music? yes ..it’s in my blood.. cannot go any where without music..  you’ll see me performing somewhere… dinner show.. wedding.. roadside.. :p. it’s just some branch of my passion..

Biking? – ahaa.. soon. hasta la vista baby..! (i’ll be back – to biking.. )


1 thought on “About Me?”

  1. Miss Monster said:

    Life is a journey. Yeah..I totally agree with you. It will be filled with lots of up and down. But remember..in most cases, the issue is not the real issue. The real issue is how we handle the issue.

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