hi yaall..

Incidently, the title of this piano instrumental was – Appreciation..

What I like about the video is.. the video where the player just blissfully playing the piano.. overlooking large sea side.. or maybe some lagoon..

How I wish.. I have the house the sea view.  Sea.. beach.. sand.. wind.. wave.. always played big part of my growing up.. , as I stay in the boarding school in Kuantan..

But what is it related to life anyway?

Life is all about appreciation, be grateful.. always appreciate whatever you have in your life.., or the things that you don’t have..  not everything are meant to be for you.., there are things that you have.. others are envying to get it.. and vice versa..  .

That’s why I always appreciate whatever I have and had in life.

watching the piano piece above.. always brings me back to this favourite tune below.. a piano piece played in one of those 90’s Japanese series quite some time ago (With love).

teru-teru bozu..