Cela fait longtemps..

que je n’ai pas écrit ou parle le français à tous ..

avant de la langue commence à rouiller ..

Je ferais mieux de fais un peu révision retour sur l’écoute ..

dans une certaine belle chanson française ..

et lire quelques beaux livres français ..

~~~ translation (in case you’re wondering what i’m writing above).

I used to take french class.. and at 1 time was quite comfortable having a conversation in french and read quite easily in french..(thanks to few friend at workplace who has been so supportive to my endeavor to learn this difficult language).

~~~ It has been quite some time..

That I didn’t read or speak any french at all..

maybe (due to) not enough friends surrounding me with french..

so before the language starts to rust..

I better do some revision back on listening ..

to some nice french song.. and read some nice french books..

want to subscribe to french TV.. too expensive.. bloody 30 Ringgit per month just to watch the news in french.

ok loorr.. that’s all my musing this week. Tomorrow gonna be a big day.. moga allah permudahkan usaha dan perjalananku.. berjaya atau tidak.. at least aku berani melangkahkan kaki!