Somehow.. when I feel down.. this song will always play in my head.. and soon the hard disk in my head will fly back down the memory lane.. to the beach of Teluk Chempedak., where Coco Bar (beach site hut) will accept request of song for some token sum.. and play this song ..

Or.. I can remember, sitting in my Dj’s friend car and he blast this song through his subwoofer and just make round at TC.. down the roundabout.. and parked it near the beach..

90’s.. where there’s no problem.. no issue.. no drama.. just easy life. wakes up.. set to work.., wait for weekend.. waiting for friends to take us out.. out to Lips Boom Boom? or Coco Loco? haaa.. those 90’s boys and gal should know the place that I’ve just mentioned.

enjoy the song till it last.., enjoy your life will it still a fun.. as soon.. all that left a just memories..