Prague Old town at night.. that calming.. rustic feel of this old city.

How old is this clock tower? 602 years on the day it's captured.

602 years old clock tower – a testament of time wait for nobody..

2 years back, exactly this day.. I’m in the city of Prague the night of 28th March. It was our last night there.. we arrive the day before.. explore the city.. mostly walking. By next morning we leave Prague and drive back to Germany.. off to Schwangau castle.. (also popularly known as Neuschwanstein castle or Disneyland castle)..

weird building @Prague

you will see this building as you enter and leave Prague..


Germany charming countryside.. long windy.. twisted road greets you..

28th March - 2 years ago.. this day.

I’m actually looking for some other file this afternoon on my lappie., when the search result show me to this photo folder. It was our  last trip to Europe together.. and when I look back all the photo-set .. no wonder did I sense something looks different.., the face looks different.. the smile looks different.. (like it’s all fake.. there’s a hint of ‘something’ in the face.. )

Heck.., the more I think of it.. the more crystal clear it become.. simple things like.. why only me scrambling around searching for local simcard.. while she just kept her phone on international roaming (although it would be damn expensive to be on international roaming). And this happen 2 times.. on our international trip together.. , first one on this trip.., then the other one on our Umrah trip last year..

Maybe this thing have been going on long.. long.. long time ago.. date back to 12 century bc (maybe?)


what are you staring at? who where you thinking at..? where your heart at?