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One of my passion is learning  foreign language.  Recently I just passed my 2nd level French language class that I take part time (after work)

My wife keep pondering.. why oh why.. thy husband.. on your peculiar interest in foreign language..  I don’t have any answer for that.. , or maybe I have.. but people would laugh at me if I told them the reason..

Let me reveal it here lah.. !:) , I learn foreign language due to my interest in their art / music / literature..!

1st.. I love to watch foreign language movie (french , Spanish, Portuguese and many more foreign language movie.

2ndly – Music – I just love any foreign language music – starting from school – where I fell in love with all Canto-pop and Canto-rock music scene.., name me – Andy lau.., Beyond.., Leslie Cheung.. and all other famous Hong Kong star.. ! I even can converse sparsely in Cantonese due to my interest in this music and movie.

3rd – My love of reading.! yes – I don’t limit my reading to english / BM books. I love to read foreign language literature.. especially french, spanish.. and other latin language literature.

So if you are 1 of lucky close friend who happen to have access to my treasure trove of movie, music, literature at home – you’ll be pleasantly surprise to see.. lot’s of my collection have few section – english, foreign lang, malay, chinese, Japan/Korean, Arabic and not forgetting the one without any language at all – the instrumentalist.! due to this reason.. i don’t like to use Itunes.. ! as it tend to mess up my folder segregation of all my collection.

@office – if I felt the need to have music to accompany my work – I will surely tune to foreign language radio – any my fav is – French radio – frequence3 and fatalstation or Batanga radio (this is mostly latin music – Pop Latin, Bachata, Salsa ..)

and today – while listening to fatalstation radio – I heard 1 song.. truly captivating.. thought of sharing it here.

Sheryfa Luna – Yemma

nice eh? sometimes.. it’s good to open up your musical tastebud to other language so you don’t get bogged down to a typical hollywood type music.!

:).. enough english crap for today.. ! (it’s been quite sometime i didn’t write this blog  in english)..

later i write in french eh? ok?  vous pouvoir comprendre ce que j’écris à propos?

ok friends.. reader.. chiaow! adious.. au revoir..