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Last sunday.. After much contemplating.. Finally I arrived at this Sri Petaling Hotel door step.. Ahaa.. Time to raid this warehouse sales lah..

I think last sunday outing was quite efficient.. Since I got to do a lot of stuffs in 1 day with the other half.

1st – morning – sunday banking – this is to settle all my financial obligation that month..
2nd – accompanying wife for her ‘thunder in the east’ shopping spree.. (Follow malay proverb – ‘dengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan di curahkan’ or translate to – Hearing thunder roaring in the sky, water in storage all throw away.. Haha..direct translation ala abg jem..)

So.. In the end.. She got what she want..(I also want.. Haha..)

3rd – she have to accompany me to levi’s warehouse sales..

Nah..here’s the stories.. Not much model at this warehouse sales, mostly some odd japanese levis models and cutting that looks ODD.. And a bit dated lah.

But.. I finally set my eyes on 1 simple black jeans.. I always love to have more plain jean.. I tried 3 pair of jean.. End up buying only 1..

Oklah.. At least this black jean can rplace the one that I think the quality are not good anymore.. They shrinked in size.. (U believe me?).. Or may be the other way around? I grew in size..? Hahaha..

So..we paid that black jeans and quickly on our way back.. But wait.. It’s still early.. So.. I make a detour on the way home to Jalan Pasar.

4th – Jalan Pasar – geek haven.. I though I want to buy my autogate board (fried by lightning!).. And some other stuffs my coop staff been pestering me to buy.

Got the board @ RM 130. The repair guy quote me – RM350.00 plus installation.. 450.. Damn expensive right?

Question is : when I can pasang? Hahaha.. Good question.. I will do it ASAP. This would be test of my geek/diy skill .. Never done this before.. When it success.. I tell you about it eh.