Happy Birthday to you dear..

Every year , it was you who never forget to wish me on my birthday.. although I never bother to celebrate it.

Every year, it’s also you who would take leave from work just to be at home waiting for me to come home from work.. and cook some special food.. (or we eat somewhere special.. )

Every year also.., it was you who would spend some time to look for a present for me.. eventhough I’ve said.. I don’t need a birthday present.. 🙂 (but i like it… hehehe)

So this year – let me be the one who do this for you..

Yeppy Birthday.. you now are so into the 3’series club..! welcome.. welcome.. join me in the club..:)

So this year -you wanted that new jeans? extra 1 inch size than last year? :p.. (just joking..)

Big or small.. i still love you..