Day 2 –

Started early..breakfast at 7.30am.. , waiting for military pass.. , oo..this place is very close to thai border..hence the need for security clearance from various security agency..

It was.. 1 hour boat ride to the orang asli settlement.. deep into the Belum jungle…

But the lake was very wide..! so.. hardly can take any photo..with my limited zoom camera.

finally arrived – then moving up all the stuff for the mobile dental clinic.

not forgetting the generator too.., damn back-breaking heavy man..!

after setting up all thing.., at 12.30.. the Orang asli students start trickling by.., and they we handled by their school-teacher… so the behaved well.


apart from logistic.., I was also assign to do demo for school childred – how to use the tooth brush.. and tooth paste.

hmm.., was easy.. with some guidance from the dentist…, i started the demo.., and giving all the children some quiz and prizes.. Yeah you know children will be children., their attention span sure will not last long one..! :)..

so.. a couple of prizes.. and free Darlie toothbrush and toothpaste.. surely gets their attention.

But – one quiz question leaves me baffling for word – I asked them – what is this ? who can tell me.. get the prize (I was waving tooth-brush in my hand..) and few of the brave soul pick up their hand and answer confidently – “Batang!”…

Again? i asked them – Batang..!

Batang? you’re joking right? no.., it was what they call the berus gigi or toothbrush..! hahaha..

session went well.., while waiting for their turn to have their dental checkup.., i’m teasing them well.. and distracted them from the horrible sight of their friends being burred and some had their teeth pull out.. 🙂

eii.. some of them really had great teeth you know..! white some more.., I asked them – what did you do? did you brush your teeth? yes.., and with what? – aa.. kayu..! hahaha.. (make me remember my skolah rendah time.. when 1 of my classmate.. name azhari..always didn’t brush his teeth.. all yellow with the plaque.. clearly visible.., what the cikgu do? take the daun lalang.. and wrap it around.. and brush azhari teeth..! ) kesian.. that fellow, he was really that poor..! a visit to his house almost bring tear to me and my cikgu..! they had nothing in their house.. very spartan.. like orang asli also..! I wonder what happen to him nowadays.)

anyway.. days coming to end.., total number of patient served – 48.. (more or less), some had to be turned out.. for next visit.., we focussed those who had previous record and those who are in standard 6.., as next year surely they will not be around.. and some of them will forget school all together..

Below is the picture of the Dentist with their assistant.. , more photo later.. (once I’m back to civilisation where I can upload from my camera)

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