Today will mark in my calendar as the day for my 1st Mercy malaysia mission. And this trip is for Outreach program in Orang Asli settlement in Sg.Tiang, inside hutan Belum Perak.

I started the day quite early.. Had a quick breakfast with dearest wife @Tanglin.. Hmmm..very fillinglah..

Then the journey starts.. 1st for to ampang – the warehouse.. Load up all medical supplies.., then move in convoy to highway..

Wah ..long journey wei.. Stopped @ Tapah R&R for lunch.. But I’m still not that hungry..only belasah prawn cracker..

We reach belum rainforest resort @ 4pm..

After rest and solat @ room, suddenly mission chief knocks my door and ask whether I’m free or not…I asK why? He said.. I need to help accident victim.. Who had dislocated shoulder.. I ask again. What happen to the doctor? Rhey said.. They are dentist.. And I was.. Er.. Ok..

There you go.., I’m helping this guy in pain.. Accident with I don’t know what. Since don’t hv much equipment, all I do is just an arm support with the triangle cloth.. Lucky I’m not panicking and still remember how to tie the triangle cloth.. The victim said- ahh.. Feeling better. Yes.. All I do is help to support the dislocated shoulder and hand it by his neck. After that.. I get the resort to sent the man to nearby grik hospital..

I guess job well done.. The guy thanked me.. Resort also..

Tomorrow another challenge awaits.. 1 and half hour boat ride to the heart of belum rainforest.. Wait for the pict.. 🙂

Till then.. Ahooyy…

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