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Hey,, let’s start with this marvellous video clip from Bryan adam!

Eh.. you love Bryan adam too? aah.. you must be 70 or 80’s baby..! means we got old during the time Bryan Adam music career come to peak!

Now, let’s talk about the subject. Of lately.., or to sum it up – this year – I feel I have less and less involved the club that I’ve started. Yeah – the music club.., we got some activities.. but then.. that’s all.. not much happening this year.

Ahh., is it my work that bogged me down? or me myself started to feel of getting older and older..? eh.. cannot be mah.., Getting older got nothing to do with not doing any music.

But.., as the keyboard upstairs still collecting dust.. and my guitar only seeing occasional show this year.. (This year I don’t do a lot of my company show.., only a few., more on outside dinner event only..)

But 1 thing that I’m satisfied this year – was -? Getting my son his own electric guitar and inherited him.. some of my music stuff – my old marshall amp.., I hope somehow he will inherited some of my talent.. and musical abilities.

Heck, I’m not a superstar or whatsoever., but i play lot’s of genre., easily adaptable to any kind of band.. and as easi as adding lego brick to any band requiring any sessionist musician.., that’s how I see myself jelling in some event. I have friend who would trust me last minute to play in dinner event or show by just calling me in last minute.

Maybe after this exam fever is over..(didn’t i tell you that my eldest son is 15 years-young man? and have PMR exam this year?) – maybe I should enroll him to some place where my best friend are teaching.. (aman melon king come into mind..)

slowly but surely.. i’m building and leaving my legacy.

Legacy to eldest son – music and Geek! Oh yes – he’s a geek.., i enjoy reading his blog.. his thought and all the crap..! he’s funny.. he’s smart! (like me lah! ) and witty too! keep it up son., but not too much until you neglect all your study..

Legacy to 2nd son – everything about me – he’s in-fact my exact clone..! from the looks right to the minute-behaviour. He’s funny., always a tear-jerker.. (laugh until you all cry), he’s cute.., and he had rhythm built in his body! :D.., maybe he should learn drum..!

Soon – I’m gonna let go some more of my music stuff to eldest son..(as an excuse for me to find latest gadget maybe. POD Line6.. waiting for an upgrade..

we’ll see…