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Last I bought new pack of lense (monthly disposable lense) to replenish my stock.
While in the shop – I saw this ads – new daily HD lense from B&L. So being me, I ask the optometrist.. And he’s happy to order a pair for me.. For trial.

After a few days. I received the call from the store – my order for trial lense have arrived. Yesterday.. I pick up the trial lense from the shop in Alamanda.

This morning.. Eager to try.. I opened up a new packing.. And put it on my fingers.

1st impression – very soft , delicate and thin. Unlike my normal monthly disposable lense which is thin.

1st feeling in my eyes – hmm.. Very fresh..(You know the feeling of putting in fresh lense to your eyes).. It’s that clean feeling..

Vision wise? Is it clearer? Err.. Subjective.. As of few hours of wearing this daily toric lense.. I felt that the Air Optic 2 from ciba-vision gives me better clarity than this one..

Let’s be fair a bit and wait until evening.. Night..

How much this daily toric lense would cost you?

– 30pcs would cost you RM140. So if you use a pair – it would be total RM 280.00

Pheww.. That’s expensive to me.. I don’t think I wanna waste my money like that..

The best bang the your 1ringgit – in my opinion still the monthly disposable toric lense from Ciba-Vision – the Air Optic2.

It cost you only RM100 – you get 3 pcs + extra 1 pc of trial pair – making it total 4pcs. If you use 1 pair – you will spend another 100 to get another 4pcs – so total per month you spend for monthly disposabl contact lense is – RM50.00 compared to daily – 280.00


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