Hi All,

Today after waiting for few days, I decide to call Astro customer service to get them to reconnect my account. Yes, I miss some payment.

Normally – After you made payment via maybank2u.com, you either can wait for payment to clear OR to speed things up.. you can call customer service and give them your payment reference number. They will reconnect your astro in 1 or 2 hours.

Oh, I forgot.. this is the hot season for Astro eh? World cup! no wonder laa customer service voice tone also sounds very arrogant right up to rude!

Before I forgot – Time of call – 5.00pm. Date 13th June 2010, customer service person name : Teesha.

Teesha refuse to take my payment reference number for immediate reconnection. Q#$%#$DFQE! i wish I could write how I feel now.

Hah.., I got all information, to refer back later. I will pursue this thing further..

Very rude.. very-very rude!

Never mind – there will come a day.. when Astro is not a monopoly..! If there’s a will.. there is a way..! 🙂