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Assalamualaikum, Good Morning people! 🙂

What do I do today? Ooh.., got up early.. at 4.30am and read. Before that – did some stretching.. (just like cat waking from sleep..) and drink a lot of water.

Oh, yesterday nite I didn’t sleep with my CPAP machine, so as a result – a very dry throat – and needing a lot of water.

After my eye become clear again.. I continue to read this book that I’ve exchange with some friend @ office, who had the same passion like me – reading lot’s of books. Especially books on life topic. I wouldn’t call this – self-help book.. as there a tons of book out there that have this label – Self-Help book, even bookstores like MPH, Kinokuniya also have this ‘self-help’ section.

So, come back to this book  – it’s another book from Robin Sharma – After The monk who sold his Ferrari and Greatness Guide.This book titled – The Leader who had no title.

This book actually a continuing journey of the old monk but this time in another person named – Blake. Following the same metaphorical approach like The Monks book, the lesson in this book is written like a story.

As we follow the story, the lessons also unfold..

But.. i’m still halfway though this book.

Let us continue about the rest of the book once I’ve completed my reading on this book.

I do read on some blog, some of the Robin Sharma concept is dangerous to the Aqidah of muslim. Robin sharma preach – The fate is our hand.. it is ours to decide. while in our religion (Islam), the fate, qada & qadar have been pre-destined before we even born to this world.  So how? clash of ideology? which one to follow..

Well, to my friend.. why laa make this so complicated.., my take on this – we have ‘effort’ – usaha – ikhtiar, that god ask us to do.. , not only relying on what that have been fated on us.I strongly believe this is the ‘key’ that separate the those who had their success from the ‘failures’.

Those who blame religion for their failure (as they believe – it is their fate that their job remain as clerk for the rest of their life) only have themselves to blame.  Who ask you not to study the religion deeper. Who ask you to read quran without really understanding the word that you’re reading.  The gems from the Robin sharma’s book that we muslim can use are things like :

  1. waking up early – try to wake up at 5.00 am regularly..  (I do this regularly.. and I feel to strong positive impact to my life. lot’s of my friend called me – early riser.. :p
  2. come to office early – well, how can I NOT to emphasize this.  I’m a slacker on this point- I can see clearly the difference it makes when you come to office early before your boss arrived and during those time where I regularly come to office very late.
  3. Don’t try to seek name and position as your main motivator – Yes – I’m into this. I work with a lot of organization, society, online portal.., open-source community project – not to seek name but to achieve my main goal – helping others to achieve better life.. better understanding and better result (depending which area that I’m working on)
  4. Spread the good attitude and learning to all your friends and colleagues .. the more you spread to your friend.. the more better you felt. Believe me.. try it yourself.. impart some of the positive value that you’ve learn to other people.., when you see them practise the good value that you teach them.., you will feel better.. right?

to be continued..