What date is today? 8th June.. , as with previous year.. Today marks another safety day campaign in my workplace.

Another year, another safety shirt..

What happen on safety day?
1. Free t-shirt
2. A lots of safety talk and workshop
3. Free food…
4. Everyone wearing the same shirt during launching.

All in all, this safety day and safety campaign has been part of my working life here.. So much so.. It become ingrained in me (in term of hsse, life saving rules..)

Oh.. To the frequent visitor to this blog, I am sorry for no update.. , I’ve been in and out of hospital last week.. Been in ward and what not.

So.. That goes for reason of long dryspell of no-update.

Cheers.. It’s only tuesday.. Another 3 day to go to weekend.!

See you again.., be safe.. Be health..be good to your environment.. 🙂