ready to quit?

May 31 is Quit Facebook Day, but will you / have you done that?

Yhellow !! (hello in yellow! :p)
Came across this online viral campaign – 31st may is quit facebook day. click on the link above for more news.
A lot of prominent name have quit facebook – ppl like  -Leo Laporte , a scores of Google employee and also founder of Gizmodo and Engadget.
Reason cited ? – The lack of privacy control that have been taken over by facebook.
You know something? – I used to have facebook. Until – I close it quite some years ago. Reason being? – Due to i’m not able to exercise my full right of privacy control on my own account. What? why privacy? does it mean – I got something to hide from whoever that be? Nor did i do something stupid on facebook?  No.., nothing even close to that..  I knew very well that in the web, whatever you do.. whatever you post . some of it will come back to haunt you back someday..
It’s just that – using facebook – you are so vulnerable..! no place to secure your privacy. I was tracked by some psycho friend of my wife – whose her life is filled with this little adventure of  ‘stalking’..

You stalker? too much CSI? :p

Yeah.. she’s really good at that.., I call  her – Cyber Stalker from CSI. Maybe because of her reputation – she still on the loose (single + spinster..) –  still looking for her Mr. Right,  very well then, good luck dear psychos.
Freddie Mercury once sang –  Too much love will kill you, same goes to , too much stalking.
Just imagine you 1st date with her ->

“Eh.. Lan, you suka kaler purple eh? , hihik..,” (you : ah sudah.., abis gua kene stalk! ) , and then followed with –  “kesian u .. your last ex-gf mati kene langgar.., kucing kat rumah u baru beranak eh? Waa.., gambar skolah u kelakar laa masa dgn 1st love you tu, nanti kalau next date – u datang laa pakai baju loudness yg u pakai masa konsert search tahun 2000 tu! mesti ensem! ”

me ? – “what the fuu..! this girl is psycho.!!  Wonder how long she’s been stalking me?”
p/s : well the above is only writer imagination.. never did occur in real life..! but might happen to you if you’re not careful.Good luck meeting all your cyber gf/bf.
Which also – reminds of this 1 timid girl., her avenue of hunting ground to look for future husband is – where else – Facebook laa!, forum lah, YM,.. and other social sites.
I sometimes pity girl like this – going from 1 hand to another, without knowing what she really look for – in a man. And how to nurture relationship from start to end.
No – I’m not a relationship expert or Dr.Love. ! (hehehe.. remember Dr.Love or Dr. Cinta of XXX some place on cyber? :p) Please look for other expert rather than me.
Ah, back to original intention of this entry – Quit Facebook day this 31st May! Gain back your ‘real’ life.., get back control!
blah.. blah!! tinggal kan tempat ni! 🙂
So.. kalau dah belah dari Facebook – what option do I have?
Yeah – you got option! go to project diaspora
Try laa – open-source version of facebook , with the security that you can control! no trick, no nut.. no bullsh*t..,