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Have you ever heard about CPAP? not that other Cpap .. hehe.. notty u.. , CPAP is a oxygen compressor machine with mask similar to the one that pilot wear in MIG-29.. or other fighter plane.

If you never saw a person wearing one., here.. i attached the picture below. (not me ya! i’m not that old.. )

CPAP machine wearer sleeping..

This CPAP machine is intended to treat sleep apnea sufferer. How to know you’re having sleep apnea problem? among the symptom :

  1. you’re a loud snorer.
  2. you always feel lethargic even after long sleep.
  3. you always fall asleep during meeting, driving, watching TV.., or just talking.

What this maching can do wonder? – it help you to get oxygen that you’re normally lack-off during your sleep. By forcing enough oxygen into your lung, you can now enjoy a deep sleep – something that you’ve never experienced if you are a snorer.. and mouth breather during sleep.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing again this week, after I got a replacement face mask from Damansara Hospital. I wake up in the morning feeling a lot more refresh than before. And I have more energy to last until evening.

But not all rosy ya.. using this CPAP maching., sometimes.. i do wake up at nite feeling claustrophobic and immediately remove my mask from my face. it’s a feeling that you’re about to succumb to suffocating..! Damn i hate that feeling..! seriously ..! If there are any other treatment to my snoring / sleep apnea problem.. i will surely go to alternative treatment.

But for now.., i just have to bear this .. and feeling like below sometimes..

sometimes i feel like this!! wanna rip off everything.

You can read about it here – http://mysleepapneasite.com/cpap-mask-torture/ (picture above is also from this website! many thanks )

cheers.. see you next time.. for another story about me. or any question from reader..!

This blog is dual language blog.., sometimes.. i will wrote in english.., kadang-kadang.. gua suka-suki tulis dalam bm..! so..korang kene faham 2-2 bahasa lah ya! 🙂