This Tuesday morning, the whole morning been raining.

As usual, my mood goes sombre.. with the continuing of the rain.. klick..klick..klack.. klacck.. the rain keep pouring..

While driving to work (already late), songs already playing in my head and it’s all songs from Alleycat. (Popular pop group in Malaysia from 80’s era)

I don’t know, when this phenomenon start. It maybe  related to most of Alleycat song starts the lyric with something to do with rain – Rain in the dusk (Gerimis senja), it’s been raining outside.. or i remember you during the rain.

Maybe the lyricist from that era, always create the lyric during rain? or rainy season?

Some of the lyric –

– Ku terpegun di jendela bila.. hujan gerimis tiba.. (song – Gerimis Senja)

– Sedang mereka terpesona., melihat kanak-kanak gembira, hujan pun turun tiba2.

(Song – Istana Pasir)

Bersama mendung yang suram, kau tersentuh dan menghilang.. (song – Ku Kehilangan Dikau)

Berarak mendung kelabu, mengekori langkah ku.. (Song – Layang-layang terputus talinya)

yeah.. you got the message right? So, the whole morning till afternoon.. my playlist in iTunes was mainly Alleycat.. how mesmerizing.